Nov 30, 2010 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Taking Dad to Peru

Do you ever put off a phone call because you just don’t want to do it? It’s easy. Tell yourself you’ll do it tomorrow, that you’ll have more time to prepare, you’ll be in a better mood, you’ll have your papers in order.

Today I made a phone call that I have been avoiding. I called Gina Berg at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine to ask her if my father’s cremains are ready. Although the paperwork tells me that it usually takes 2 years after the date of death to receive cremains, (and it has only been 13 months since Dad died), I called early because I really want to take a pinch of Dad’s ashes to Peru. He loved traveling so much that I can’t even imagine going on the trip without him.

Good thing I called. Gina said Dad’s body was used by third year surgical students to practice exploratory techniques. Dad would have totally geeked out over that. I’m so proud of Dad for donating his body to the medical college that I plan to follow in his footsteps when my time comes.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to show Dad Peru!

Dad's first trip in a lifetime of travel.