May 30, 2012 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Raising the Bar

If you have spent any time with me in the last 4 months, you have already heard me gush about how much I enjoy working out at The Bar Fitness every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6 am.

In January our neighbors Kaylee and Brian invited John and me to try a workout there so one morning we all piled into Brian’s truck and headed over. We walked into the gym and our trainer Ryan greeted us and encouraged us to “look alive, 6 am.” Friends Ross and Daradee were there to cheer us up as well. Between the 6 of us we produced plenty of sweat and I can say I became hooked on the challenge, the camaraderie, and the results.

The workouts involve a warm-up of 2-3 laps around the block. Then Ryan shows the group of 20 brave souls the 10 exercises we will complete in 2 or 3 rotations. These pictures show us doing Marine Rope Jumping Jacks, Treadmill Sprints, Tire Jumps, The Sled, Spin Bike Sprints, and Kettle Bell Swings. Not pictured were some planks Ryan threw in just because he loves us.

Cindy started going to Ryan’s small group training classes, and soon Larry started joining her. Here’s a pic of the Kili crew with our trusted torturer Ryan. Thanks for Raising the Bar on our Kili training, Ryan. We’ll raise a toast to you from the summit.

Ryan, Trish, John, Cindy, Larry at The Bar