Djerassi, The Miles

It’s hillier here than I thought it would be. The driveway from my studio door to the gate is 1.3 miles and it gains 697 feet, with a 32.3% grade at its steepest point. That’s not as steep as the trail to Pyramid near our house in Phoenix, but it’s steep enough that there were days I didn’t want to do it.

Most days I did it.

In 27 days I ran 90 miles with a total elevation gain of 20,631 feet.

The trail running was pretty spectacular too, but it was harder to get in many miles without backtracking. So I did most of my running up the driveway to Bear Gulch Road and out to 35. Stunning views.

Total distance: 9731 m
Max elevation: 670 m
Min elevation: 408 m
Total climbing: 573 m
Total descent: -557 m
Total Time: 01:28:44


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