May 12, 2012 | Written by Patricia Murphy

4 Weeks to Go

We’re getting so close to departure. There are times I feel like we’ve done so much to prepare that when the time comes I might forget to go. This is close to my last packing run-through. I’m very happy with the way my gear has come together. I’m underweight and even have room for a few luxury items. This first picture shows 3 items that will not go on the trek: slippers, big camera bag, and the small duffle I’ll leave behind at the hotel. Everything else goes on the trek: the big duffle, the day pack, the trekking poles, the sun hat and glasses, soft camera cover and helmet.

Be Prepared

In the next picture, the two red bags are for safari, Amsterdam and Zanzibar and do not go on the trek. The rest packs into the big duffle. Here’s what we have from left to right.

Hand & foot warmers
Bug repellant & sunscreen
First Aid Kit
Camp Towel, Flashlight, batteries, bandanas.
4 hiking outfits
5 cozy layers: silks, wools, lightweight, heavyweight, and ultraweight
Heavy Fleece
Down Jacket
Rain Pants & Rain Jacket
Camp Shoes
-20 degree sleeping bag

And Away We Go

Now it’s time for a big fitness push: plenty of training, good eating, and sleeping well. I also just checked out 8 more books about Kilimanjaro from the library. I’m really getting excited about our trip.