Jul 26, 2011 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Traffic Circle

I returned home from 6 weeks in small, cool towns to some nice sunshine, a few dust storms, and the exciting development right on our front yard.

Back in 2008 I sent an email to my then-city councilman Greg Stanton describing the traffic problem on my street.

Finally, after several years of petition gathering, meeting, designing, and political wrangling, we are very pleased to watch the traffic circle going in.

Kerry Wilcoxon from the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Division worked tirelessly and with good humor through the monster process.

We extend our deepest thanks to Kerry, Greg, and also to Steve Barduson, our architect neighbor who designed the final look of the circle.

Thanks also to all the neighbors who helped gather signatures and give feedback on design choices.

"If the road was closed there'd be a sign."


DSC 0007

The traffic circle. Our big mesquite.


DSC 0009

Our new sidewalk, old mailbox.