Greece: Santorini Day One

My Uncle Rick was turning 70 so I wanted to do something special. The first plan was to go to Buenos Aires (my favorite city) then tour wine country to savor some Malbec (his favorite wine). But the trip didn’t come together and I asked Uncle Rick: If you could go anywhere where would you go? He said Greece!

The trip would be short for us, though Rick would stay on in London to visit friends. We had just one week of Spring Break to fly to London, then Athens, then Santorini, then Athens, then London, then home.

The trip over was long, and Rick needed a good long sleep. That gave John and I plenty of time to run around and explore.

We stayed in Oia, the town famous for its cliff homes, in a little VRBO house. We were pre season, and when we arrived we found the house next door to be under construction, with all the materials hiked in on donkeys. It was loud and fragrant.

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