Nov 21, 2010 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Race Day

Since I’ll be out of town for much of next summer, John wants someone to stay here to help with the dogs. We have a few leads, but nothing solid. I had some free moments back in early October so I thought I’d look at Craig’s List to see if any of those ads had potential. That’s when I saw this:

I am a pro triathlete based in Vancouver Canada. I’m planning on racing the IronMan in Tempe at the end of November and would like to come down and train in the hotter drier climate for a month or so beforehand. Looking for somewhere that I can stay during this time. Couch or floor space is totally fine but I would like to be able to cook. I’m very friendly and easy going. Love kids and dogs so also happy to do some baby-sitting or pet-sitting.

Hm. I thought. That sounds like fun! So I replied to the ad and said:

Have you had any takers on your training base for November? I was hunting Craig’s List because I am going to be out of town a lot, and we need someone who can stay here with the pets. We’re hiking the Inca Trail in December and will need someone with them then. Any chance you might stay through December?

So she replied:

It wouldn’t be too hard to convince me to stay longer. Vancouver is not the nicest place to train in December!

So 5 days later I went to the airport to pick up Miranda Alldritt, our new roommate.

Miranda fit right into our little household. Can you say Butternut Squash curry? Delicious! And she’s so good with the dogs that I rarely see them anymore since they’re mostly curled up in her bed. And she helped me set up my MacBook Pro to run VMWare, something I had been terrified to try myself. And we got a fast and furious education about what it’s like to be a pro athlete, versus the little dabbling we do with racing. My weekly load of training equals one day of Miranda’s workouts.

So today is the big race. We all got up at 4 am to cheer on Miranda. You can follow her here, # 74. Good luck roomie!