Dec 15, 2010 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Last Minute Preparations

Decisions are exhausting. That might be one reason some people choose not to travel: there are endless decisions. We have made most of ours, including when to go, where to stay and what to do. But with 1 day and 18 hours left before we leave, there are still several important decisions to be made.

Perhaps the most important decision to be made is in a category I will call Trip Electronics. This category has become more complex over the years, but it is especially complex on this trip since we will be hiking for 4 days and will be separated from the majority of our luggage (not to mention electricity) and will have with us only what we decide to carry.

All day today I had to resist the urge to purchase a third camera to take on the Trek. And while I am usually dependent on a laptop for photos, GPS, blogging, email, etc., this time we are trying out the minimalist approach and determining if we can use the iPad for all of the above.

This blog post is coming to you from the iPad. Today I bought a camera conversion kit and loaded photos straight from my camera to the iPad so I can test that combination to see if it is adequate for the trip.

Here are three pictures from a recent training hike on South Mountain with my friends Cindy and Lesley, and one picture featuring some last minute bonding between John and Penny.

What do you think? Adequate?

Cindy and Lesley

Trish and Cindy at the Top.

Blue Sky Cactus.

Who Spoiled the Vizsla?