Oct 15, 2016 | Written by Patricia Murphy

Lake Garda

We left Verona and had a short drive to our next hotel near the start line for our race. We decided to take a leisurely drive up the east coast of the lake since we would be coming back the west lake on our way back to the airport. It was very windy and it was very chilly. It made for some dramatic vistas.

Soon our friends Xavi and Helena arrived! We met Xavi at a Skyrace in the Dolomites and kept in touch. He and Helena love Italy so when we invited them to the race at Lake Garda they said yes right away! What a wonderful visit we had with them! Helena and I did the short race and stopped to take plenty of pictures. Xavi and John did the long race and it was pretty grueling.

The next day the sun was gorgeous and we hated to say goodbye! But we had to. And John and I drove back down the west coast of the lake, both agreeing we could spend a lot of time here.