June Streak


Felina has been falling. Last night while we were sleeping she fell off the bathroom counter, taking a tray full of eyeglass accoutrement with her. Broke John’s Swedish eyeglass case. Felina’s almost 16 now, and each day she seems stiffer and heavier on her feet. My first pet. My 25th birthday present. My little purrful kitten.

This makes it more difficult for me to pack for my Saturday departure. I’ll be gone for exactly 6 weeks: 4 weeks in Johnson Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center then 2 weeks in Crosslake Minnesota with family and friends. Oh how I wish I could sneak kitty into my carry-on.

But I can’t. And the point of my trip is to remove all distractions so that I can focus on goals. Towards that end, today I started my “June Streak.” For 30 days I plan to run at least 30 minutes, do Yoga, write a poem, and read a book of poetry. That seems like a perfect day.

And today it was. I went for a lovely run in the morning, did  Yoga at lunch, and spent the afternoon reading a book of poems and composing a poem. Even the puppies were willing to help. I’ll miss them terribly too. And yes, there is a very special human on the “to be missed list.” Hard to even think about that.

Penny and Rooster



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