Ecuador Packing Run-Through: Some Tips on Ultra-Light Packing

As many of you know, I’ve been on the struggle bus. I’ve had the Year of Eight Terrible Things. ┬áNot to dwell, but here’s my year in a nutshell:

  1. Our dog Rooster Died.
  2. I was diagnosed with severe chondral defects in my knee (so painful) and was told I would never run again.
  3. Our Dog Penny Died.
  4. My Cousin Ali Died.
  5. John & I were flattened by flu.
  6. John was in the hospital for a cardiac event.
  7. Our puppy Nutmeg was diagnosed with a terminal birth defect.
  8. I was in the hospital for meningitis.

So I’d like to turn this ship around. Literally.

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25 Days To Go

John and I are ready for a vacation. I mean really ready. Good thing the clock is ticking on our big journey this year, to Ecuador! It is going to be a great trip with good friends–Lori and Joe with whom we explored the Alps. Can’t wait to travel with them. Two more couples will join us along the way! Meg and Alex live in Denver and will meet us in Quito, and Chad and Shawna will be traveling from Phoenix later on.

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