Feb 24, 2014 | Written by Patricia Murphy

@AWP2014 Seattle or Bust #AWP14

SR Gear

Get your SR Gear at Table C40

I leave tomorrow for Seattle, where I’ll be working the AWP bookfair Table C40 for my magazine Superstition Review. Please stop by and say hello if you’re there (and grab some SR gear). If I’m not around, say hi to my colleague Mark Haunschild or one of my SR Interns: Erin Regan, Sydni Budelier, Beth Sheets, or Elizabeth Hansen.

We will also be live-reporting on our SR Networks. Follow us for fun updates including #overheardatAWP and also a continuation of our #sralum series, where we highlight AWP authors who have appeared in SR.

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Although it seems impossible, AWP 2014 in Seattle will be my 20 Year AWP Anniversary. My first was AWP 1994 in Tempe. I was a graduate student at the time so I volunteered at the conference, which was held entirely at the Tempe Mission Palms (a tiny venue compared to what you see today). I skipped a few in between, but I think Seattle will make my 15th AWP total? Ish. Can’t remember. But I do really enjoy attending the conference and going to panels and seeing friends I have not seen in ages and hearing poets and writers talk about their work and ideas.

I haven’t been to Seattle since 2005–when my friends Pete and Carolyn got married. I’m looking forward to seeing several friends who live in town, and trying some super restaurants. So far on the docket: Anchovies and Olives, How to Cook a Wolf, and The Walrus and The Carpenter.  Might also head to Quinn’s, Bar Sajor, and Matt’s in the Market.

There are plenty of “How-To” guides around for AWP, so I won’t write a comprehensive one here. In fact, you can read these guides for a look at best practices:

Peter Kispert for Indiana Review
Arna Bontemps Hemenway for book country
Zack Rogow
Donna Vorreyer
Liz Ahl
Lori A. May for The Write Life
Kristin Latour for Luna Luna Mag
Erin Regan for Superstition Review
Kelli Russell Agodon
Daniel Nester’s AWP Bingo Card

Here is my list of Top Ten Good AWP Habits:

1. Stay Hydrated
2. If you feel grumpy, have a Nap. Or a Snack. Or Both.
3. Don’t forget to go off-site for something: a museum, a restaurant, a friend.
4. Do not monopolize or be monopolized.
5. Go to some panels. Go to some readings.
6. Spend time and money in the bookfair.
7. Ask 10 people “Do you need anything?”
8. Tell 10 people you are proud of them.
9. Don’t waste any meals (I stole this from Matthew Gavin Frank).
10. Make a new list of Best Practices for #AWP15 in Minneapolis.

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Trish’s AWP 2014 Schedule