You Asked What Happened

IMG_0001.JPGAfter I posted this gnarly first photo to Facebook, several people asked me what happened.

Oh how I wish I could tell you I was doing something fabulous like running away from a mountain lion or scurrying down a steep descent like Kilian Jornet.

Truth is, I was high.


Yes. I was experiencing that euphoria I get when I’m out running on a beautiful Arizona day with blue sky all around me. When I feel embraced by the solitude of the desert. When I am thankful for my healthy body. When I am keeping my eyes on my A race goals. When I feel like I could run forever and ever.

It was a smooth, flat, gravel-covered part of my favorite South Mountain trail. Not a rock in sight.

I was so excited to be meeting John at a designated point up ahead. We had plans to explore some new parts of the park.

I was wearing my favorite running skirt and top.

And then I totally bit it. No provocation.

The mountain biker behind me did not even blink, and he blew past me as I assessed the damage.

The knee felt sore and I felt scared, so I of course I finished out the run with 6 more miles.

Here’s what it looks like today. It’s still super sore but I hope to be out there again, soon, feeling like I could run forever and ever.



Day Three Western Colorado State University


IMG_0657.JPGToday was a special treat. I got to speak to an upper division creative nonfiction class, where I started with the presentation called “100 memoirs in 10 minutes,” a run-through of the 100 memoirs I have read in the past few years, ranging from Conroy’s Stop Time published in 1977 to Brian Turner’s My Life as a Foreign Country  published in 2014. The students were engaged, thoughtful, and so generous and kind.

Then I did a radio interview at the campus station, where Taylor asked me many questions about traveling and writing.

This has been such a wonderful day and I’m so thankful to Dr. Elizabyth Hiscox and the entire faculty at Western for inviting me to visit with the students. I feel truly enriched and inspired.

Day Two Western Colorado University

imageI had a wonderful time meeting with students in poetry courses and a class in Publishing yesterday. And the reading went great! There were over 70 people there and they had to bring in extra chairs. Then we had a lovely recption at Blackstock Bistro.