Dinner with Chef Paul Millist

When I started researching Chef Paul Millist, I was tickled that one of the first results was this article from hipsterchef.com. The article describes Millist’s diverse background and culinary training in such locations as the Seychelles, the Maldives, and Thailand.

How excited, therefore, was I, that our friends Ross and Daradee invited us to an 8-course tasting dinner prepared and served in their home by this innovative and creative “hipster”? Throw in some great wine pairings chosen by JWMarriott’s own David Friedberg, and you have yourself an unforgettable evening, in support of Ross and Daradee’s charity LoveIAM.

Here’s how it went. Eight guests gathered in the Murray home. Each guest provided a bottle of wine to pair with the 8-course dinner. Here’s what it looked like:

“pass me by” with Graham Beck Brut Rose: An hors d’ouvres course consisting of smoked salmon and caviar and duck pate on brioche (also a spring roll with lemongrass but I didn’t get a picture).

“boxed up” with Albrecht Gewurztraminer: A thai noodle dish with lobster, mushrooms, and pork dust

“silk” with Domanine Fontanyl Rose de Provence: Silken tofu with mushrooms.

“pectinidae” with Javillier Bourgogne des Forgets: Scallop with truffle and sweet potato puree.

“sea/pig/forest/earth” with Belle Gros Pinot Noir Meiomi: Halibut with bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, and potato.

“w.o.k.” with Bodegas Breca Red: Wagyu beef, fried oyster, and bok choy.

“no smoking” with Chiarlo Nivole Moscato: Marshmallow cigarette.

“painter’s palette” with Belle Glos Pinot Noir: White chocolate cake with chocolate, raspberry, and passionfruit paint.

Thanks SO MUCH to Ross & Daradee for inviting us, and to Paul and David for making the night so special.


Sweden Day 1


Sweden Day 1 was actually a have breakfast at the sea, drive to Copenhagen, fly to Stockholm, cab it to the hotel, unpack, go get dinner, and go to bed kind of day.

We were staying at the Hotel Rival, owned by Benny Andersson of Abba, located in Sodermalm on a quiet and delightful park.

It was raining as we walked towards the second-hand and ceramics shops the suburb is known for, and we had so much fun window shopping. Then we had dinner at Restaurant Pelikan. We strolled home and sat in the park for a while before retiring to the room. One feature of the hotel is a huge video library so every night we watched a movie just before we fell asleep. We really enjoyed the hotel and it had one of my favorite features–the lights come on as you open the closet doors. Why can’t that happen at my house?